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The Success Story Of The Master Diamond Craftsman, Moti Ferder

If you are fond of diamonds and are into buying diamond jewelries then, the one person you should definitely keep knowledge about is Moti Ferder. In case if this is the first time you are hearing his name then you can learn about him in this article.

About Moti Ferder and His Diamond Magic

Moti Ferder is rightly known to be the jewelry expert and master expert in the diamond industry from a very young age. Not only Ferder but even his family was in the diamond industry and had their business established in Antwerp, Belgium. It provided Moti Ferder with extensive knowledge about diamonds and also with gemological training which helped him to turn out to be a skilled diamond cutter in the future. With his extensive knowledge about diamonds, he has been able to bring insight into the diamond industry. The fact that he was a diamond expert himself helped him in the establishment of Lugano diamonds which is known to be one of the finest jewelers in the whole world. Lugano Diamonds was founded by Moti Ferder with the objective of delivering exquisite diamond jewelries to the customers.

Under the successful leadership of Moti Ferder, Lugano Diamonds established its Grand salon along with its headquarters in the year 2005 in Newport Beach, California. Since the establishment of its grand salon and headquarters, Ferder has been able to put up a team of talented sales people along with managing the important aspects of the company. It is under his successful leadership that Lugano Diamonds continues to reach new heights and excellence.

Now that you know about Moti Ferder, you can go through about him in order to get more information on the net. His story of success may get you inspired.