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New Economic Movement Coin Determines the Importance of Crypto Currencies

The recent talk that is happening all across the globe is the crypto talk. Crypto currencies are recently trending in the e-currency blog sphere and New Economic Movement Coin (NEM or XEM) is the 2nd favorite crypto currency of Japan and the seventh largest crypto currency in the market cap. Are these crypto currency are similar to that of bit coins and what they do. Albert fang fangalbert.com has written all about NEM coins, how it works and the recent major developments that it has undergone and how it can be an ideal crypto currency for business solutions.

New Economic Movement Coins and Bitcoins

Although it is a mere fact, that bitcoins are the biggest crypto currency so far, yet the goal of New Economic Movement Coin NEM or XEM not to beat the bitcoin rather wants to beat the economy.


Bitcoins has raised by 1200 percent in the last year whereas XEM has grown thrice the percent as bitcoins and try to create a revolution in the economic world. Fang Albert explains detailed description on NEM which operates based on the principles of financial freedom. Decentralization, parity and cohesion

NEM a new economy in the digital age

New economic movement NEM is a crypto currency and block chain platform that has the power to impend the block chain economy. The block chains are secured and it basically uses an API gateway server for its network.  These networks provides loads of flexibility in terms of system design. The block chains offers the users smart asset feature to customize arrangement of the shares and stocks encompassing the block chain.

Summing it up

Albert fang post https://fangalbert.com explains NEM from scratch and their potential usage in the internet things as well. His blogs also contains information on buying NEM’s.