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Movilcrack Service: Sim Card Problems

A sim card is considered the most essential part or element of any mobile phone. A sim card is the small plastic piece which enables one to communicate with others. The sim card’s main function is to get your telephone number registered through mobile network company. There are many mobile network companies which are booming up in the market be it domestic or international market. There is an encrypted key in the sim card which the operator will provide to the subscriber of the network line. The sim card has many advantages, the major one being that it allows one to change its mobile network and keep only the active network of any terminal. Also, if the mobile phone is lost, you can get the new sim card with an old number and you can use the phone normally once again.

Movilcrack service provides repairing of any kind of issue faced with the sim card. The various kinds of problems that might arise with the use of sim cardare discussed below:


  • The commonest problem encountered with the use of sim card is that it does not make correct or necessary contact with the network. This is because the connectors get damaged due to constant use of the sim card and also removing and putting it in the several networks or terminals. Movilcrack team recommends to keep the duplicate card, however, they also provide with sim card readers for most of the mobile phones. One thing to keep in mind is that each and every mobile phone has its unique sim card reader.
  • Another less common problem encountered with sim card is that the VPP. We can look the contacts on the sim card and then VPP can be identified. The old sim cards had 3.7V but now the new cards have 5V. Hence, this is the time when you need replacement of your sim card. The old cards had only 16kb or 32kb of the data size which prevented the user from saving many contact number in the sim card.
  • The card readers are delicate ones, where the copper contacts of the reader are suspended in air to get a better grip and hence contact on the card. Each mobile device has its own unique card reader. For any query regarding the card problems, you can contact movilcrack who will look into your problem and solve it satisfactorily.