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Lie Detectors and Their Uses in Smooth Functioning Of Various Sectors

Lie detectors or polygraphs are mechanisms essentially used to measure the liability of statements through a series of well-prepared questionings. In simple words, these are mechanisms used by various sectors, agencies as well as even individuals to check abnormalities and irregularities. It makes use of physiological changes like pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration and skin responses obtained through questioning. While the concerned person gets questioned the polygraphers records the physiological responses. These responses are analysed by systems to decide the truth or falsity in the concerned matter.


General uses of lie detectors:

  • It is used by government agencies for checking corruptions
  • It is used by judicial systems to arrive at truth and justice
  • It is used in private sectors to check fraud activities and irregularities
  • Even few sectors choose this process for pre-employment in confidential positions
  • Chosen by sports federations to decide matters of misconduct and deception
  • Used to resolve domestic disputes
  • Partners make use of it to protect relationships

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