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If your Hair Thinning, Don’t Worry

Less than half of women go through life with full hair on their head. Shiny lustrous hair is what we all strive for. Female hair loss and their reasons is the most discussed beauty topic generally among women. Apparently hair loss clinics like www.beechooladies.com.sg, provide the wide range of hair loss proven treatments for hair loss today.

Reasons for hair loss

Everyone loses hair, it happens during your morning shower, when you are blowing out dry and giving a quick brush, apparently this is normal. However when you see strands of hair coming out then it’s scary. But what could be the reasons for the hair loss? Some of the common reasons for hair loss are


  • Physical Stress – Hair loss is generally dictated by age, hormone and genetics. Stress induces hormonal changes that are responsible for hair loss. When you have intense physical or mental stress, it results in excessive hair loss which is often referred as telogen effluvium.
  • Pregnancy – Your hair loss may be caused by the hormonal changes you are experiencing as a result of pregnancy. During pregnancy, an increased number of hair go into the resting phase, which is part of the normal hair loss cycle. Nevertheless, this is a temporary phase and can be restored over a period of time. However there is a situation called as underactive thyroid, which can happen during pregnancy. When this case is left untreated, it can cause long term problems. Hair loss clinics like beechooladies suggest trichotheraphy regime or other some treatment that suits your condition during pregnancy when you face excessive hair loss.


There are numerous other reasons that leads to hair loss like vitamin deficiencies, lack of protein, heredity and many more. However when these conditions are treated properly either through doctor or through hair clinics, you can boast yourself with shiny, lustrous hair throughout your life time.