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How To Choose A Professional Lie Detector?

If you are planning to go for a lie detection test, you should remember one thing. The results can change your life. So, it is highly important that you should get help from a professional liedetectors-uk.com. The reason is that the validity and dependability of your results will rely on the experience of the examiner.

You should be aware of one thing. Some individuals claim themselves to be professional examiners. However, they will not have any formal education and training. Even if they conduct the test, they cannot analyse the results shown by the polygraph machine.

Checklist to find a dependable examiner:

You are recommended to check the following things when hiring an examiner:

  • Has the examiner graduated from a reputed school?
  • Also, check whether the examiner is the member of the American Polygraph Association.
  • Also, the examiner should have undergone APA Continuing Education regularly.
  • The examiner should also be regulated by the ASTM Standards
  • Does he meet the EMC Directive?
  • Further, the professional should be associated with professional organisations.
  • Apart from APA, check whether the company from whom you are getting help is associated with other organisations. The examples include Polygraph Association or BEPA and National Polygraph Association or NPA.
  • The experience of the examiner also counts.
  • Most organisations that offer examiners have only male examiners. If you are particular about getting help from a female examiner, you should check the availability as well.


A professional polygraph test will measure several indices. For instance, professional examiners, identify the truth based on respiration and skin conductivity. Even, they measure the blood pressure and pulse of the person. They will finally analyse the results to identify whether the person is lying. So, you should be highly carefully about hiring a professional examiner. Here, https://liedetectors-uk.com can provide you with the best and experienced examiners.