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Dove Medical Press Chooses the Best from All the Articles Submitted

There are numerous texts and articles and magazines in the market but there are few magazines which deal with the new and upcoming versions of technology and sciences and also medicines. There are few magazines dedicated to the doctors out there. The publishers called the dove medical press deals in printing and publishing articles ofresearchers based on true events and facts that are directed towards the doctors.

The doctors have warmly greeted this kind of magazines and have also contributed on their own towards the growth and stability of the magazine. The magazine comes with different topics to discuss and talk about and also comes with different theories related to science, technology and also medical knowledge.

dove medical press

How do the articles get published?

Based in the United Kingdoms, Dr Fraser is a leading medical practitioner for over a decade and now has started contributing his time towards the welfare of the magazine by being the medical director of the same. All the articles and subjects presented before the dove medical press desk first undergoes a review test. The reviewers rank the articles accordingly. The publishing of the articles is totally based on the ranks held by a certain article. The highest rank holder gets the privilege to get published first and the ranks continue.

Rules and regulations for submitting an article to the dove medical press

While submitting an article a person must always mention to the members of the dove medical press whether any grammar or English construction or spelling requires correction. Also, the sender of the applicant must comply with all the rules and regulations as laid down by the press and must provide a recommendation and description of the recommendation along with the article submitted. If there are changes to be made on the paper, one should make contact with the editorial department before the article has been accepted failing which the article stands no chance to get published in the magazine.