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Cigarhumidorguy: How Should You Take Care Of Humidor?

In order to ensure that things keep working under any circumstance, you need to ensure that proper care is taken of the things. The seasoning of the cigar humidor is therefore really important for you. The humidors are quite expensive in nature and hence proper care needs to be taken of these things. You can trust on the cigarhumidorguy to provide you with the valuable tips regarding how things are done.


The step of seasoning is necessary as well as important to ensure that the humidor works properly. You will find that the inside of the humidor will be lined with expensive timber such as mahogany. This type of timber is used as it can retain humidity very well. The wood is also known to contain anti-fungal property and hence resists formation of the mold. The wood has been dried in a kiln and hence absorbs al moisture quite easily.


You require distilled water, sponge to ensure that no kind of buildup occurs. The sponge in itself needs to be then saturated and the interiors of the wood should be thoroughly washed using it. All the different parts of the wood exposed to the outside needs to be wiped.


The tobacco present inside the cigar, requires a specific moisture level to keep it elastic. However, the level should not create any kind of expansion. Hence the presence of 70% moisture should be sufficient to keep things going. The presence of too less moisture would make leaves brittle and too much would make the tobacco swell up.

You need to take some time to understand the way of taking care of the humidor. The humidor needs to be seasoned regularly to ensure that it lasts long. Visiting cigarhumidorguy.com, will ensure that your cigar will be of top quality.